The Monotheist Group 73:20 Your Lord knows that you rise a little less than two thirds of the night, and half of it, and one third of it; and a group of those who are with you. And God measures the night and the day. He knows that you will not be able to keep up, so He pardons you. So read what is made easy of the Qur'an. He knows that there will be sick among you, and others that go forth in the land seeking from the bounty of God, and others who are fighting in the cause of God, so read what you can of it. And uphold the allegiance and contribute towards purification and lend God a loan of righteousness. And whatever you put forth yourselves, you will find it with God, for it is better and a greater reward. And seek the forgiveness of God, for God is Forgiving, Merciful.
Original Text 73:20 إن ربك يعلم أنك تقوم أدنى من ثلثي اليل ونصفه وثلثه وطائفة من الذين معك والله يقدر اليل والنهار علم أن لن تحصوه فتاب عليكم فاقرءوا ما تيسر من القرءان علم أن سيكون منكم مرضى وءاخرون يضربون في الأرض يبتغون من فضل الله وءاخرون يقتلون في سبيل الله فاقرءوا ما تيسر منه وأقيموا الصلوة وءاتوا الزكوة وأقرضوا الله قرضا حسنا وما تقدموا لأنفسكم من خير تجدوه عند الله هو خيرا وأعظم أجرا واستغفروا الله إن الله غفور رحيم
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