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Common Misconceptions About Islam, Muslims and The Quran

Islam, Muslims and The Quran have become a subject of major concern to the world media, religious groups and people, especially after the events of September 11th 2001 in the USA. Many articles and books have been written about a religion followed by over one billion people worldwide, some of which saw in Islam a separate civilization that will inevitably clash with the current dominant western civilization, but some were more optimistic, showing interest in a constructive debate, seeking understanding. However, many of these writings continued to perpetuate misinformation and repeat the same common misconceptions, thus giving a distorted picture of what islam is about, and what The Quran actually says.


How to Become a Muslim (Submitter)

"... O my Lord, indeed I have wronged my soul. I submit myself along with Solomon,to God the Lord of the Worlds " 27:44

Many new believers are expressing their desire to convert to Islam everyday. Many of them are told that to convert to Islam they must go through specific procedures. They are told that they have to go to a nearby Mosque (masjid) and recite the two shahadas, (see: The Correct Sahahda) then sign a conversion statement and then preferably change their name to an Islamic name.

If these are the regulations imposed by tradition, are these regulations set up in the Quran? Are they required by God from anyone who wishes to become a Muslim?


5 Types of People in the Quran

‘Only God can judge me!’

How many times have we heard the above statement made by people when the discussion regarding their faith or actions becomes too heated?

The problem with the ‘only God can judge me’ statement is that God has already judged people by their words and actions and told us, in His Book, where this person or that person is heading unless there is a drastic change in the actions/behaviors that will change the person’s classification.


God Who Dwells in Our Hearts

If it had been only a poetic expression we would have appreciated it not more than a Man's Concept of God which may become redundant with the passage of time. But, as it is revealed in the Quran, which reads :

'" Hova Ma'akum Aina Ma Kuntum - God is with you, wheresoever you may be ! [ 57:4],

therefore, it is not merely a wistful expression of human's imagination but this Concept of God is a concrete reality. It cannot be denied or defied with further arguments. It lays the foundation of Faith for those who believe in Quran as Divine Revelation.


On Being Tolerant

The Issue of Tolerance in Light of the Quran

The question whether Islam encourages tolerance has been in focus since September 11. Many think that Islam is a religion of intolerance and violence. However, if one looks at what the Quran actually states in this regard, this misreading about tolerance in Islam becomes crystal clear. The Quran is far above the current spate of terrorist acts, and inter-religious and sectarian violence. Indeed the quality of being tolerant is part and parcel of the right iman (mindset) and righteousness of a Muslim.


Warning To Your Loved Ones!

Peace to all those who follow the guidance.

Our brothers and sisters in GOD,

A duty has come to warn all those to whom this message reaches of a great injustice we have all committed in the eyes of GOD, that is, setting-up partners to our Lord without knowing we have done so.

The enemy of mankind (Satan) has said:

"He (Satan) said: 'Since You have willed that I go astray, I will stand against them on Your straight path. "I will come to them from before them, and from behind them, and from their right, and from their left, and You will find that most of them are unappreciative." (Quran 7:16-17)


Useful Hints For Reading The Qur'an


As presented in the section (Quran, fully detailed Scripture), we will be accountable on the Day of Judgement to abiding by the law of God which is given to us in the ‘law giving’ verses of the Quran. Because of that, and since God is the most Fair Judge, He has given us these verses in very clear and straightforward language. Nevertheless, and as a reader, you may have often come across the situation where you have just read one of these ‘law giving’ Quranic verses only to find that in the interpretation it has been given a completely different meaning by the interpreter! If you should inquire into the reason behind this discrepancy you will be told that the Quran is very difficult to understand on your own, and that these proficient interpreters have spent many years of their lives in mastering the science of Quranic interpretation and thus their interpretation in fact presents what the verse really is supposed to mean! You may also be told that this is the interpretation given by the prophet himself.



I seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected / In the name of God, Most Gracious Most Merciful

And preach with this (Quran) to those who reverence the summoning before their Lord - they have none beside Him as a Lord and Master, nor an intercessor - that they may attain salvation. [6:51]

[39:43-44] Have they invented intercessors to mediate between them and GOD? Say, "What if they do not possess any power, nor understanding?" Say, "All INTERCESSION belongs to GOD." To Him belongs all sovereignty of the heavens and the earth, then to Him you will be returned.


Submitters (Muslims) Vs. Believers (Mumins)

Are you a Muslim (Submitter) or a Mu'min (Believer)?

The above question may seem 'irrelevant' for most people who follow the Quran, but by the end of this article (God Willing) you will realize just how important it is to know what is required of you by the Almighty.

The terms 'Muslim' & 'Mumin' are used interchangeably by Islamic societies and almost everyone who is a 'Muslim' is also regarded as a 'Mumin' by their standards.


How to Study the Qur'an

“Do they not ponder the Quran?. Or do they have locks on their hearts?” (47:24)

The opponents of Islam will normally quote one or two verses out of context such as “and kill them wherever you find them” (2:191) to prove their conviction that Islam is a religion of hate and terror, and that its followers are akin to satanic worshippers for no true GOD would have sanctioned such teachings…

The problem is that the ignorant amongst the Muslims, as well as their self-appointed leaders, will fall into these sort of traps and even agree that they are ‘commanded’ to kill all Jews and Christians or that they are ‘commanded’ to beat women who are disobedient, or that they are ‘commanded’ to amputate the hands of thieves, etc..

All these problems come from the inability of Muslims and their self-appointed leaders to study the Quran as it was intended to be studied, and thus they risk turning the book of guidance and light into a book of horror and crime!