The Monotheist Group 65:1 O prophet, if any of you have divorced the women, then they should be divorced while ensuring that their required interim is fulfilled, and keep count of the interim. You shall reverence God your Lord, and do not evict them from their homes, nor should they leave, unless they commit an evident immorality. And these are the boundaries of God. And anyone who transgresses the boundaries of God has wronged his soul. You never know; perhaps God will make something come out of this.
Original Text 65:1 يأيها النبي إذا طلقتم النساء فطلقوهن لعدتهن وأحصوا العدة واتقوا الله ربكم لا تخرجوهن من بيوتهن ولا يخرجن إلا أن يأتين بفحشة مبينة وتلك حدود الله ومن يتعد حدود الله فقد ظلم نفسه لا تدري لعل الله يحدث بعد ذلك أمرا
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