The Monotheist Group 6:6 Did they not see how many generations We have destroyed before them? We granted them dominance over the land more than what We granted you, and We sent the sky to them abundantly, and We made rivers flow beneath them; then, We destroyed them for their sins, and established after them a new generation.
Original Text 6:6 ألم يروا كم أهلكنا من قبلهم من قرن مكنهم في الأرض ما لم نمكن لكم وأرسلنا السماء عليهم مدرارا وجعلنا الأنهر تجري من تحتهم فأهلكنهم بذنوبهم وأنشأنا من بعدهم قرنا ءاخرين
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