The Monotheist Group 6:130 "O assembly of Jinn and mankind, did not messengers come to you from amongst you and narrate to you My revelations, and warn you of the meeting of this Day?" They said: "Yes, we bear witness upon ourselves;" and the worldly life deceived them, and they bore witness upon themselves that they were rejecters.
Original Text 6:130 يمعشر الجن والإنس ألم يأتكم رسل منكم يقصون عليكم ءايتي وينذرونكم لقاء يومكم هذا قالوا شهدنا على أنفسنا وغرتهم الحيوة الدنيا وشهدوا على أنفسهم أنهم كانوا كفرين
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