The Monotheist Group 5:95 O you who believe, do not kill any game while you are under restriction; and whoever of you kills it deliberately, then the recompense is to value what was killed against the livestock, which shall be judged by two equitable persons from you, and to make it as a donation to reach the Ka'bah. Or, its expiation shall be in using it to feed the needy ones, while he abstains from it; that is to suffer the results of his deed; God forgives what has past. And whoever returns, then God will seek vengeance on him. God is Noble, capable of vengeance.
Original Text 5:95 يأيها الذين ءامنوا لا تقتلوا الصيد وأنتم حرم ومن قتله منكم متعمدا فجزاء مثل ما قتل من النعم يحكم به ذوا عدل منكم هديا بلغ الكعبة أو كفرة طعام مسكين أو عدل ذلك صياما ليذوق وبال أمره عفا الله عما سلف ومن عاد فينتقم الله منه والله عزيز ذو انتقام
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