The Monotheist Group 4:153 The people of the Book ask you to bring down to them a book from the heaven. They had asked Moses for even more than that, for they said: "Show us God openly!" So the thunderbolt took them for their wickedness. Then they took the calf after the clarity had come to them, and We pardoned them for this; We gave Moses a clear authority.
Original Text 4:153 يسءلك أهل الكتب أن تنزل عليهم كتبا من السماء فقد سألوا موسى أكبر من ذلك فقالوا أرنا الله جهرة فأخذتهم الصعقة بظلمهم ثم اتخذوا العجل من بعد ما جاءتهم البينت فعفونا عن ذلك وءاتينا موسى سلطنا مبينا
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