Believers United has been established to unite men and women who believe in God Alone, to come together and create a real-life application of the system of Islam.

Article 1 Creed & Mission

1.1 Believers United follows the creed of Abraham—Monotheism.

1.2 Believers United accepts the Qur’an as the only source of divine law, being fully detailed and complete.

1.3 Serve God alone and affirm the primacy of the Quran, promoting its application, study, and understanding.

1.4 Build and maintain a thriving community for believers with places of worship and programs to promote the autonomy, health, and education of our community.

1.5 To invite all people to unite under God in justice and to accept the Quran as the criterion and arbitrator.

1.6 Promote meaningful aid to oppressed people and strive to assist the poor and vulnerable wherever they may be.

Article 2 Membership (click here for Membership Form)

2.1 An individual intent on joining Believers United shall provide a pledge, in writing, to accept and uphold The Charter of Believers United.*

2.2 Members are encouraged to strive with their wealth and their lives in the cause of God, to serve Him alone, to work from their position to the best of their ability, and are required to comply with all lawful decisions made by those elected in authority of Believers United.

2.3 Members shall actively participate in the operations of Believers United within their local areas, constantly reforming themselves to better align with God’s instructions and calling others to the true religion of Islam. Members shall uphold a high moral character and not engage in activities outlawed in the Quran. Members of this group undertake to uphold the peace at all times and to support and respect other members.

2.4 An individual's membership privileges and status may be partially or completely removed by a motion of The Council for misconduct or violation of the Charter. Individuals shall have the right to defend their case and confront their accusers.

Article 3 The Central Council

3.1 The Council shall be composed of a maximum of twelve members. The Initial Council shall be composed of the signatories of the Charter. Membership to the Council shall be made by application from amongst the approved Members of Believers United. The sitting Council shall be responsible for vetting candidates and approving them to fill vacancies.

3.2 The Council shall have supreme decision-making powers and may delegate some of those powers as seen fit. Resolutions of The Council shall be binding upon members and written into communal law.

3.3 The Council shall conduct its decisions by voting. A resolution with a simple majority shall be binding on all Council members.

3.4 The terms of council members shall be set at 4 years—renewable

3.5 the Council shall elect a Chairperson from amongst its members. The chairperson shall be responsible for presiding over council meetings and maintaining meeting order. The Chairperson shall be responsible for determining swing votes of the council. 

3.6 Regular meetings of the Council shall be held at least once every 90 days. A Quorum for the meeting shall be a simple majority of the Council.

3.7 Special meetings may be called by a request of one-third of the Council members or The Chairperson. The meeting shall be called within 7 days of the request.

3.8 Decisions must be made during an official meeting. For a motion to pass a simple majority vote of the Council shall be sufficient. Decisions by circulation must be unanimous.

3.9 The Council shall have the power to appoint officers as seen fit to facilitate the optimal management of the community’s affairs. The delegated powers of the officers and their terms shall be detailed in law.

3.10 The Council shall designate geographical regions and local units in order to better manage the affairs of the community.

3.11 A Member may choose to withdraw their status as a member of the Council with a written notice, while retaining their status as a member of the community.

3.12 Council members who are failing or negligent in their duties or guilty of misconduct may be subject to removal of the council by a two-thirds vote of the council members. Council Members will not be removed before having their defense heard nor without proper investigation.

Article 4: Amendments

Amendments to these by-laws may be made by a simple majority vote of the council. Amendments must be added to the Charter with the designation “amendment” with the clear justification of why the amendment(s) was made.

The following signatories have witnessed themselves as agreeing with and affirming this charter on 02/17/2024:

Jamal Sekou  / Elizabeth Moore / Layth Saleh / Roman Lopez 

*Article 2.1 amended 03/09/2024 to streamline membership process