61:4 God loves those who fight in His cause as one column; they are like bricks in a wall.

1. Name

The name of this association is The Monotheist Group [TMG]. TMG shall be the international governing body for regional, national and local chapters that are affiliated to TMG through accreditation by TMG.

The websites and intellectual property that currently fall under the ownership/dominion of TMG are:

  3. The Monotheist Group (penname for publications)

2. Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of TMG are:

  • To promote the message of God Alone in the Quran in an accurate and effective way through different mediums, including, but not restricted to: advertising, publications, radio, internet, face-to-face, etc.
  • To assist individuals and groups of members to carry out charity and good deeds in the world that promote the message of the Quran through practical demonstration.
  • To organise and utilise all of the different skills of the members in a more efficient manner.
  • To learn through shared experience the best way to organise members as a community in preparation for actual self-governance in the future.
  • To provide a voice for the members in the strategic direction of TMG.
  • To provide a spokesman for TMG [the Chairman] who can justifiably claim to represent the views of an organised community and put these views to the general public.
  • To provide a clear set of objective standards to hold the officers holders of TMG to account for their activities
  • To provide recognized approval to use TMG literature, banners, support, in any projects to advance the aims and objectives of TMG either by TMG itself or an affiliated association

3. Membership

All members will be subject to the regulations of this charter and by joining TMG will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of practice that TMG has adopted. Membership will be activated only upon agreement (via signature) to this charter presented as the terms and conditions of membership.

Members will be enrolled in one of the following categories:

  • Full member: Has provided the following personal details for the registry of members: Full real name: Phone number: City and country location: Occupation/special skills: consent and time to be contacted by other members to organise activities in their local area. The full member has full binding voting rights in the Council of TMG and has the right to propose the establishment of an affiliate/chapter of TMG or projects for fundraising by TMG. They also have the right to nominate, or be nominated for the office holding positions of TMG or propose a change to the charter of TMG.
  • Associate member: Has agreed to abide by the charter of TMG but has not agreed to provide the above details to the registry of members. Can view the minutes of the Committee discussions, as well as the public reports of TMG, but may not participate beyond questions and/or seeking clarifications.

4. Membership fees

The membership fee shall be determined by the Council; Members are encouraged to donate to projects supported by TMG but are under no obligations to do so. The details of donations received shall be fully recorded in the books of TMG unless the donator requests otherwise. TMG is a non-profit organization and the time and effort of its members are a donation in itself which is truly appreciated.

5. The Council

TMG will be governed through a “Council” comprising of full members.

The Council will hold regular discussions amongst its members and its affairs are to be conducted through mutual consultation amongst its members (42:38).

The Council will vote on issues raised through its Management Committee.

Regular Council meetings will take place via Internet resources available and as deemed fit by the Council (discussions groups, Skype, Paltalk, etc.).

The permanent record of all Council discussions shall be held at Yahoo:


6. The Management Committee of TMG

The “Management Committee” of TMG will be:

Chairperson: To be the lead spokesperson and representative for the TMG association. To lead the “Council” to consensus from the disparate points of view of its members. The Chairperson is expected to be fair, a good listener, and a good communicator.

Vice Chair. To take on the responsibilities of the Chairperson when they are not available. And assist the Chairperson in fulfilling their duties. Should be held by a member of the opposite sex to the chair if such a person is nominated.

Treasurer: To be responsible for administration of all charity projects funded by TMG and recording any operating expenses incurred by TMG members on behalf of TMG. Opening and managing accounts and transferring funds to recipients. Will advise TMG of expenses incurred by members on behalf of TMG members. TMG members should not be expected to pay for expenses that have not been agreed to by TMG in the Council.

The Management Committee will be elected for 2-year terms in the Council. The first and only matter of business for the first Council will be nominations of people to fill the positions of office holders. If only one person nominates for a position then they will be appointed to that position. If more than one person nominates then there shall be a vote taken by full members as to who should hold the position. The period for such a vote shall end after 7 days. All officer holders will retire after 2-years but will be eligible for re-appointment upon nominating themselves or being nominated by others. The Chair, Vice, and Treasurer are encouraged to step down from their duties and allow other members to be so trained in the positions if there are suitably qualified nominees to fill the position. New office holders are encouraged to seek the counsel of previous office holders for advice.

People who accept nomination for office holding positions are encouraged to disclose their qualifications and experience that makes them suitable for the role and also provide a photograph and contact details for members to contact them. An officeholder may resign at any time and a new vote may be taken to replace the resigned member at the next Council discussion. If there is already an assistant in place then the new member shall assist the former assistant.

Members may propose and vote on a resolution expressing displeasure with the performance of an officeholder at any Council discussion. If such a resolution is passed, then the position held by the officeholder will be open to a new nomination at the next Council discussion.

7. Chapters of TMG

A chapter/affiliate of TMG can only be set up upon approval of TMG. Such chapters shall only be permitted to be set up by someone who is already a full member of TMG. The setting up of a chapter is a motion which is passed like other motions and follows the same process through to the Council. The member proposing a chapter of TMG is expected to post their motion by attaching a copy of the charter of the TMG chapter which should follow the general framework of the chapter of TMG.

Org Chart

While the official language of TMG is English, chapters of TMG should take the opportunity to preach the message of the Quran in their native languages and also hold discussion forums and general meetings in their native tongues. They do not need to seek approval from TMG for any activities that do not use the TMG literature or banner or that do not request for funding or assistance from TMG [Activities like organising prayer, study groups or social gatherings] As a courtesy the author of any content on the TMG websites, or any other website, should be contacted for their consent to use their material or translate it into another language.

Full members and associate members of TMG chapters are also full members and associates of TMG. Preference will be given to at least 1 member of each chapter of TMG being represented in the TMG Council if 12 or more chapters exist.

TMG will support the chapter/affiliate initial set-up by providing advice/consultation, as well as providing a limited amount of TNG publications free of charge (The Qur’an – A Monotheist Translation, The Natural Republic).

8. Finance

All TMG monies [if any] will be banked in an account held on behalf of TMG through the Treasurer. The Treasurer will be responsible for the operation of this account and shall not have to pay any account keeping fees for the account [This shall come out of the balance of the account]. A statement of annual accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at the Council at least once a year. Any cheques drawn against TMG funds should hold the signatures of the Treasurer plus written authorization for it [by email] of the Chairperson and/or the Vice Chair.

9. Termination of membership

A member is liable to have their membership terminated in the following circumstances after prior caution:

They openly renounce the aims and objectives of TMG in writing and after follow up verification by at least one Council member while choosing not to resign or give notice of resigning themselves.

Other members object to their membership based upon the member’s objectionable contribution to the Council discussions such as making ridiculous comments and motions or wasting the time of TMG and taking its objectives for mockery. The votes of TMG should not be decided by such people. Beliefs that are sincerely held are not a cause for termination.

10. Dissolution

A resolution to dissolve TMG can only be passed at a Council discussion forum through a majority vote of all full members. In the event of dissolution, any assets of TMG that remain will be donated to a charity of choice decided at the last Council discussion.

11. Amendments to the charter

The charter will only be changed through agreement by majority vote at the Council. A motion to change the charter must be explicitly worded and clear about what parts are being changed and why [Quranic proof].

12. Declaration

The member(s) of TMG hereby adopts and accepts this charter (see 48:10, 48:18, 60:12 for allegiance pledges) as a current operating guide regulating his/her actions as members.





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